Friday, October 8, 2010

So i went Jogging

Just a few days i'm into it. Getting up at 5.30 every morning isn't very tempting.It's at these times where there are practically no one at the park. Still there are some foreign workers who works for the government are up, fully dressed in the yellow florescent uniform laze around the park waiting to start work. Some Muslims, passing by to start their morning prayers. There is a huge mosque beside the park. I must say, jogging is no easy job. I can barely make it a round and I'm out of brat. As the time past there are more people walking across the park, taking a short cut route i guess. What i hate most is that , they hang out at the park and start smoking. I'm a heavy smoker my self but i think i know where i should't be doing so. It really kills when you are trying to be healthy and quit smoking but there are temptations every where. I guess this is the way how life realistically goes on. Temptations. Temptations. Thank god there is always this guy who walks by who smells good. He will walks across the park to go to the mosque. Whenever he passes by, he has this smell, obviously it's the perfume he uses. Smells very masculine and comforting. I look forward for him to pass by every time i jog. It's one of the event that makes it okay to jog. Keeps me going. Somehow, till today i have never seen his face. It's either it's too far or it's too dark. I have poor vision you know. Is he "hot"? is he young" is he old? That is a mysteries that will keep me going. Aiks!! again temptations. I think i should name this post "temptations"

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