Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Never Clear

It's never clear. What i have to face in the future. I'm just passing through the time by sheer accident. So far it has never been tragic. To speak of. Yes some things are bad, bad, but we always compare to the worst and hey! we would think that we are not the worst. Been very tired these few days. Anti oxidant or not? everything makes me sick. What's worst is the weather in Malaysia. It's streaming hot!!! It makes you lazy to even move an inch. Yeah I've been trying to jog as much as i can. So that i don't get worst. At least some cells are healthy. Barely got time to pamper my plants. It's getting uglier. Got up today to start "a brand new day" but later to realized that i woke up one hour later. I aw the wrong time. Eyes pressure are up again. So with that, my eyes are really cloudy. Then a technician is coming over to install the new phone line. Came and gone. Why on earth, Malaysian technician never looks at least cute. My only opportunity to see cute guys. Was crushed by these people. Hmmm.... how mean of me. Anyway, i'm forced to attend an charity event at a waterfall park somewhere around the city. Will try to update on that when i have chance. I just don't go online when my sisters are around. I just felt like attacjing the picture above. Well it kinda ridiculously fit my title but maybe i'll change it later. Maybe......

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