Saturday, October 2, 2010


Bumble Bee, came back today. He is actually having coffee with my sis as i type this. Hmm.... i must say i don't feel as dreadful as the last time. That's a good sign :) Still, i couldn't bring myself to follow my sis out to meet up with him. Hmmm......... maybe in future when i'm back to my original form, instead of this Shrek body. Ahh..... there is this security guy that takes work in my home area He always would go around the area riding on a bike. He is an Indian guy. Very dark. But with his feature and everything, i think he would be very sexy if he is fairer. His too dark tone actually hides away all his vein and nice features.  I took his number the other day. I actually got shocked a bit, a few days back.  As i was walking back from the petrol station, a drunk guy approached me in a van. I'm okay with that until he insist of sending me home. Then he got angry a bit and almost wanna raise his voice. Then i wind my way through, mentioning that he should go home early cause if it gets later, many cops gonna be around. It took me like 10 munites to make him go away. It felt like ages though. scary. Anyway, i took the security guy's number. Now i can call him. When he pass his number to me he actually ask me to call him whenever i walk alone. I didn't know he knew. Hmmmm........... exciting. Ha ha.... ridiculous.

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