Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Do You?

Do you feel a sudden urge that you have to appreciate everything near you every time you comes back from your hometown? Every time when i feel so i would like to go visit IKEA. I must say IKEA is also my number one choice of place for dating . LOL.... Anyway IKEA always makes me feels calm and weird enough "present" I always would go in deep thoughts when ever i'm in that place. You also would see many real life moments of a beautiful couple. The joyful faces of couples deciding on their first furniture together.A loving parent. A happy kid bouncing on the bed. The expressions of people discovering new SMART furniture. Never much of a sad face. My grandma is 90 and she suddenly got sick and gets weaker. When i visit her the other day she barely could walk. She stutters  while speaking to me. She ask me to make sure to find a good wife and when i looked at her she has tears flowing out of her eyes. My tears couldn't stop flowing after that. We both then continues to chat but both of us are crying at the same time. Arrghh... it's so difficult to type with tears in your eyes isn't it. Anyway i don't have the kind of feeling that she is going soon. I love her lots and i have a feeling she is gonna be better and still be around. Fingers crossed, so far she is getting better and healthier. Love you PO.  


  1. but i cannot tahan the kids running around la .. so annoying . and the parents sibuk trying out the sofa...:(
    hope that everything will be fine with ur po. :)

  2. them close to my heart always.

    Anyway, dating in IKEA ? Serious ?

  3. Well i get what u mean Danny. When it's a busy day..i guess we see people more than furniture.

    Xing.. Yeah, maybe you should try dating there on a quiet day. It never fails to make two person grow closer. really.