Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Such A Dick.

Probably you are bored of this but my friend is such a dick. Really a dick!! Super Duper dick and i think he also has a permanent stick stuck up in his ass hole. Such an egoistic chauvinist pig!!!! I think i'll start to listen to you guys to spend lesser time with him. Seriously...i think before this friendship becomes hate. I shall avoid it. 


  1. i avoided avery close friend 2 years ago.. at least now we don;t really hate each other ;P Just do whatever you think is best for both ..

  2. From best freind love to hate... how come huh..

  3. Lol, don't go over stress about this friendship thingy.

    Hey, that's the thing with us. We are drawn to "dicks" naturally.

    LOL !!!

  4. Danny, maybe that would be the right thing for me too.

    ~大头~, hmmm... i guess in every level of a relationship this happens. :) This is in a friendship perspective, Sebab sayang you feel it hurts even more. Because it hurts! You feels pain that, Why he doesn't know he is hurting you. Then pain becomes hate because, even only as a friend he couldn't see what you feel.

    Xing..lol... he is actually my only physical friend now, that's why. Thank god i have you guys to chat to at least. Thanks!! Thabks!!