Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have to post this up

I must do this. I was going through blogs and i found this blog. Voice it out-The way to confess.                           ( )  He posted this up and it was magic. Crazy.  I don't think i'll still be standing if it was me. And since when Gary Barlow got so HOTT!!???


  1. i've been haunted by this song lately ..
    and i have to say that .. i'm slowly loving it :)

  2. I tear up each time i hear this song. A close friend thought me a dance to this before she left to UK.. :(

  3. Yeah i had this song in my pc for months already and now only i fhink i like it!!

    Klex... that must be a very sweet moment you had with your friend. It's something that you could treasure for ever.