Friday, August 31, 2012

Came Out

I think i just came out to my sister. All of a sudden i was all moody and she ask me why. I am quite bored with this constant irritation from this feeling. So i just started talking and i was using "That person"  "This person" at first and then  later she ask me question like "Is he gay then?"  that's when i realize that i am using  "HE" instead of "that person" When i realized that,  i don't know what to do. I just went along and talk as if i did not "just came out" LOLzz.......It 'felt funny cause both of us did not "went all weird"  but instead the conversation went as normal as any other conversation....Aiks!!!


  1. He's not gay. That I can tell your sister.

    Heheh, anyway, I guess you'll talking heart-to-heart talk with your sister more often now ?

    1. Hmmm....i don't know if i will, cause i never felt norm talking heart stuff with siblings. Well...we'll never know right?

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    1. a way i do feel that her reactions were quite sweet. Hmmm.... hahaaha

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    1. Thanks friend. Did you just came back from clubbing?

    2. No, went out for dinner only... no club...

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    1. HEYY!!! Welcome Back!! Since when?? A pleasant surprise.