Sunday, June 2, 2013


Approximately one feet away from the cashier asking for a pack of ciggy when a guy slipped in front of me to purchase what he wants to purchase. Got shocked by his rude move but couldn't get angry cause he IS SO CUTE!!!! LOLZzzzzz...... He is damm sexy. Happens to be a security guard of the building opposite. I couldn't take my eyes off him. Two days after that... I went scouting at where he works. Hoping to make friends. Saw him and smiled at him. Totall ignorance from him. Was thanking god after that, cause it started raining. Meaning longer time there and it's by force. Ha ha HA HA HA......... Ice cold shoulder from him. Even when he walked pass, I hawk eyed him hoping that he would acknowledge my presence. Not a single flick from his eyes at all.  When he was walking pass me again to get back to his chair. I said hello. He just replied "Hi" and walked away. Even worst.... He disappeared!!! I feel like a low life wolf!!! Getting his message, I stop my operation and went home when the rain stops. Three days after at 3am. I was getting some drinks and smoke in front of the store. Saw this guy at the building opposite. Just shadow cause of my limited vision. So I don't know if it was him or not. When I light my second ciggy, this shadow guy walked to the store. So it was him. Since we have talk before, I smiled at him when he saw me. Bloody no response from him at all!!! When he comes out, I did the same again when I saw him looking at me. Damm it!!! Again the same cold shoulder. Frustrated I walked straight to where he was sitting and actually waved my hands in front of his face and say hi. Then he just smiled and responded. Grrrr....... So I proceed to chat. Actually on purpose. To agitate him. Ha ha ha....... He turns out to be quite chatty. Half an hour into the conversations I thought of going back when I spotted a boner. My eyes were locked on it. When I looked up, he was looking at me, but he looked away immediately though. Ha ha ha...... So I instantly break my knuckles, waved my arm, rubbed my ear ring and transform into my slut mode. There is a desk in front of him with magazines. I squat down and placed my hand on his lap and asked him about the magazines. There is one magazine at the further end of the table. So that is my beacon of hope. I tried to reach it. And accidentally on purpose I moved my hand further up north. Hence precisely parked my palm on his boner. HE DIDN'T MOVE A NOTCH!!!! Squeeze it a little, I asked him wanna go smoke or not. He agreed. ha ha HA HA HA..... amazingly, for someone  who posses a frosted shoulder actually French and hugs me after that. Tsk, tsk, tsk, .... Men are just such a mysterious creature.

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