Sunday, July 28, 2013

Again & Again

 Felt kinda dirty lately.  Maybe it's because of the temptations around . Temptations by jerks who works around the place i hang out at night. These people can be such ass hole. Idiots!!
Well, manage to do a cover for my friend's Samsung Note. It looked quite vintage, and wayy darker. When i took the picture of it, the vintage came out as dirty instead. Took the picture with my sister's mini pad though. Using my friend's Note to take the pictures its even worst. The color came out as Dark green. lolzz.... 
Anyway...  there is these two guys that i have been hanging out with. Straight and no Sex. Both separate locations. so every night i would hang out with A first and then later i would proceed to B. I was quite happy that i found these guys. I mean it's like finally i have some permanent friends who i could chat with more often. I mean it's like finally there are at least somebody around, physically around.
 The other day "A" told me that he may not continue to work here in KL after Raya. So i was quite upset about it but have to accept the fact. Hope that he would come back though., He is still deciding. Then at the same night "B" tells me that August he would be transfered to another outlet. 
Owh.. mann...!!!!  That's just great!! They are not my lover or anything, so nothing dramatic here but i am just upset that starting August i don't have any physical friends to hang out with anymore. Have to make new friends again and again and again. Everyone i know seems to leave or left. Why can't one at least? Just be around longer?? Haihh..... like the picture... i wanna dive into the toilet!!


  1. Dive in the toilet with those models, I don't mind.


  2. Perhaps... one has to keep moving on... its tiring, but perhaps that the only way to live?!

    1. Yeah, i guess we have to be adaptive. Right?? hahah.... Well... have to find me self some new amusement already.