Friday, July 5, 2013

It's Friday Already?

Before you know it, it's already Friday. At my usual cafe and my muse just went off with his bf. I think. Cause his bf that just came, sway quite a bit. Hmmm..... What am I gonna do for the rest of the night? 
Anyway, there is a staff here that I am quite fond of. Totally ugly but super skinny. Super tall too. Every time I see him I just felt like smiling and i always thinks that he is damm sexy. My radar tells me that he is straight. Never ask and Never really told him mine too. I've only officially chat with him when I'm here... Only like... Twice.  He use to greet me like I am his best friend or something. You know lah these cafe's staffs are always over enthusiastic. Then suddenly.... There is no more such greetings from him. He stills get my drinks done before I make my order and everything. (Cause I always order the same.) He just doesn't acknowledge my presence anymore. I know it's  a petty thing but it just doesn't feel good. It feels like I have cheated on him or something. Yorrrrr....... How la? These straight guys!!!! Always gives me problems like that. 
You know I would think that his radar told him that I am gay. So it make sense that the sudden silence, but he still tends to my orders. Even when other people are on duty. I'll understand if you are homophobic.  I'll stay away, but.....You know now it just feels like you want and then you don't want.
    Slap me again guys??? Lolzzzz......... Have a pleasant weekend guys.


  1. Haha, another slap ?

    But then again, those straight guys...they are kind of a turn on don't they ?


    1. They certainly do. Seductive. Ka ka ka......