Saturday, July 20, 2013

Straight Guys

I did some very daring move. There is this three straight guys that i thought that they are quite nice and genuine. So while chatting I told them frankly that i don't mind to blow them, and i told them that don't hesitate or embarrass if they ever felt like it. Just ask for it. They know that i am gay of course. Separate occasions of course and they don't know each other. It's guys that i befriended while wondering around my area. Well it didn't come out as awkward or anything. It came out as part of the conversations and all. Cause usually by courtesy i guess, they would just ask about gay stuff. So they know i am not trying to be rude or anything. All three are Malay guys,  18, 19, and 23 
So far no BJ's has been given and to my surprise, my conversations with them gets quite personal.  These three guys are the only ones that i took an extra bold step compared to the rest of the guys. And it's these three that i felt the most HEART. I mean they care. They would thought of buying junk food or drinks for me and they don't mind going into details while chatting with me.They would ask questions about sex with their gf or even how to masturbate better.  Lolzz... I thought that after what i had told and offered? It would just scare them off, but it didn't. We became better friends instead. Felt very genuine & warm. 
I was just secretly wishing that it would be nice if i have gay friends like that. 


  1. o.O you always got to know young one..*ehem* preference?..*ehem* xD kidding.

    So nice to have straight guy friends like that, I still not dare to come out to mine only girls got.. =(

    1. He he he.. it's just by chance i got to know these young ones. They looked way mature though.
      I guess because i know my parents don't roam around here and i don't care if my sis knows so i am more daring. Hmm... straights have radar now too you know? These young ones that i know they somehow could guess.
      No worries, cause It's your prerogative to not tell and it's respect to not confront. :) You'll be out in time.

  2. Wow, which kind of men doesn't want a blowjob...


    1. Hahaha.... They just haven't try it. Bila dah cuba terus jadi kucing!! He he he