Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I will never forget the times that we had. 
Tonight i have to bid farewell to a friend who is going back to his hometown to work. So because i wont be going that area anymore? Indirectly, I won't be seeing two other friends who hangs out there too.  One of them i am quite fond of. Hopefully they would look for me next time. There is another friend too who is gonna be transfered to another area starting tomorrow. Hmm.... 
Wish them all the luck in life. 


  1. Exchanged phone number ?

    Can also meet online. Right ?

    1. Hmm I have all that contact. I'm upset cause I crave to meet up in person. The ones that I could chat to face to face. The ones that I can hear their laughs. The ones that can see my facial expression when i talk. the ones that actually could hug me, when needed. Ah we'll..... Just hope that there are many more new ones that I would encounter.

  2. *Big Hug* =( I totally understand because I also prefer face to face and laugh, cry etc. together