Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I love this picture above. I really love the equal clash of both sexes. I think that is damm sexy, where there are touches of femininity and the masculinity is still there. Such synchronization are hard to achieve. Just like managing life itself. There must be just enough of everything, just to appear as normal. To look better? That's, extra effort if you are not born with such privilege.
Anyway i started blabbing about such stuff cause i am angry at my mom who messed up the living room right after i have clean it up!! Lollzzz....... It just makes my effort seems irrelevant. My mom likes to hang the laundry in front of the house and she'll hang it in the living room if it's not dry. She doesn't want to hang it at the back of the house out of convenience. So it's just like you spend hours doing the make-up on your face but, before you go out you dap on the pimple cream on your face. 
It's so tiring that i have to go through these in my own home. I just don't wanna quarrel anymore. it's damaging and it eliminates all the effort that we've give in to bond. It's really not easy to synchronize. It's really tiring that every time i have to suit up my armour right before i step out of my ROOM. I have to always be on guard. Be on guard not as in be prepared to fight, but it's to be prepared to take in as much shit as possible so that i don't transform into a samurai and karate kick my mom!! 


  1. You have a thing for this bad-boy looking men...

    1. Owh yeah... i don't know why. They makes my juice flow. :)