Sunday, November 17, 2013


I met a guy the other day via Grindr. He is straight acting . Slim almost skinny. Small fine built and got a bloody huge fat trunk for a small guy like him. It's almost not proportionate if you ask me. All these turns me on big time. So with such attributes... looks doesn't matter anymore. I was excited. 
I can't wait to suck dry this guy. Until he told me that he is a bottom. Pure bottom. I never knew that a bottom doesn't need to be sucked. REALLY?? Really doesn't need to be sucked. I only does oral. i don't anal. He was disappointed. That's a big mystery to me. All these while i thought being suck is quite joyous. lolzz....  I don't get it that a guy doesn't needs a blowjob. To him, being suck is almost martian. I got to make him hard for seconds but he didn't came. No matter how i tried, because he felt weird seeing a guy sucking him. He was damm sweet though, when he is high he must hold hands. I didn't know that turns me on. lolzz..... Anyway Owh gosh....A guy doesn't need to be suck?  It's still a mystery to me. 


  1. Hmm, maybe he just doesn't enjoy it ?

    1. he is surprised that i even ask "why" he doesn't need to be sucked? He even giggled and answered "because he is bottom" you know like the "Duhh"