Saturday, November 9, 2013

My Friend.

I always have this dream of being together with this one friend. He is away in Singapore. we've never spoken for nearly 10 years. Yes it's true that i've had crush on him during high school but it has been years. Chances of me thinking of this guy yearly is near to zero. So weird that i always had dreams about him. Worse. it's the kind of dreams that would leave you feeling sexy and throbbing when you are awake. Is the big guy up there trying to tell me something? Wants me to look for my friend perhaps?? Or it's his way of telling me... not to worry, cause that's my future. Hahah.... hmmm... how i wish it is .and ... i'll pray very very very hard. 
Hmm.. i find my self turned on easily recently. anything basic is enough to turn me on. Like the slightest bulge appearance. The simple nose tip smelling the penis. Even just with the ULTRA slow lips sucking can make me cum. It's like after drinking. When your whole body felt warm and sensual. I felt it the whole day. Just the other day, a guy sat in front of me wearing a soccer shorts with his legs wide opened, is enough to make my head wet. Compare to last time... it's only when there is a visible bulge  or a visible penis line then only i would have reactions. Well...It's either he is killer sexy or i am just a whore on heat. 

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