Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When its unexpected.

We were drinking at this restaurant near my place. It's interesting when you are chatting with someone and he has a hard on. I was chatting with this friend and suddenly i can see a trail of meat pointing downwards in his pants. It was damm sexy, even though HE by person is  not that attractive. But when that happened it changes everything. He looks damm sexy from my side of the view. 
To think of it, i don't think many actually get to see a real hard dick in a pants like that. I mean yeah in porn or pictures in the internet, yes, but a real life one? I think i never really seen it.  Maybe i am always too excited every time to actually "SEE" anything when things like that happen. Usually, in seconds i am already on my knees!!! ..................(thanking god) lolzzz..

I don't know how? The next thing i realized my hand is already on his lap and my finger is scratching his penis head. Where we sat? it was quite dark and amazingly it's like that area is set for it to happen. As i scratch his penis head, we still talk like nothing is happening. I mean there is no acknowledgment on both sides. We just continue talking, but my hand is touching him. His pants then are getting wet from the over spilled of his pre cum. It gets quite intense that his head begin to throb. I don't know why both of us didn't go searching for a place to perform the deed. We just sat there and continue chatting. 
I can even feel his pulse when i rest my palm on his penis. After a while his head begins to swell. That means he is about to cum.  Immediately i start scratching  the top edge of his head. It was wet with pre cum that area, so it makes my  touch felt close to real. Suddenly..... pooff* he came and i could feel it shooting against his pants. I stared right into his eyes when that happens. He didn't even twitch a bit!!! but his penis was ejaculating out of control, like a machine gun. It was crazy hot when that happens. It felt so scandalous that i feel like we were two lusty blood hungry vampires starring at each other!!. 
 Then i open my mouth and ask him "can i suck you now?" He nodded and we went searching for a place. 
The thought of how he is able to be so calm above and yet at the same time down below it pulses like a worm on hot plate. It bloody drives me crazy. That was crazy crazy hot!!

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