Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Brother

Yup. yup. If you have been reading my blog, you would know i wanted a brother very much. Maybe i don't really want a brother but a MALE example to look at. You know where i could seek for help. Where i could hang out with. Where i know someone who would take care of me. Well i actually had one passed by but only a fraction of time. Anyway i suddenly start talking about this is because i was watching an anime just now. It's a straight anime. well at least that's what i know and i really hope the two guy charactor will get together. Anyway, This guy always ends up in trouble and always his best friend will be around to help him. Or maybe secretly protecting him. Yes it's all so sweet in a gays perspective., but to think of it. In real life we don't really have such thing. I'm not actually crazy for the love or the sex or anything but it's the pore sure and safe feeling that you will have when you are around him. Someone who you could call and actually talk about your probs without embarrassment and someone who you could cry on or someone who would actually know you just want someone to sit beside you and stay quiet if you didn't say anything. Yes moments like that sounds very fiction but it's also these sheer little moments that would heal you entirely. I always have enjoys getting wasted. I would drink and drink and always talks to strangers about whatever. Because i know tomorrow i will never see them again. Sometimes i will cry all by myself if i get drunk and get all sad and stuff. Such a pain to the world!!! But then again, I'm always like that because till today I've never met anyone who i could really cry on. Well this is just some stuff i felt like talking about in here. Maybe i would talk about my wasted days next. hahah.......

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