Friday, March 20, 2015


Tiu lo. He drew me!!!!! I just posted yesterday saying I am gonna be strong. Gonna get over drooling over my mentor. Which is almost impossible at the moment. I just build up some strength to motivate myself.
I went in the office today, and found out that he drew me. He may not know, or anyone else in fact. This is by far the best and sweetest thing that any human has ever done for me. 😊 Arrrggghhh....... So wrong timing. I have to get over him or else my following working days are gonna be dreadful. He is gonna teach me stuff at work that requires us to sit side by side, all the time. I cannot be in this smitten state all the time. I will break down.


  1. he drew you ? err, are you sure this guy is "straight" ?

    1. I definitely sure do hope he is not straight. Anyway I Never ask him before, so For a sure sure answer? I don't know, but from what I gather, he is quite straight.

    2. imho, i don't think any straight guy would do such a thing, because from my experience, like myself, i have the tendency to draw or sketch the picture of someone i am in love with, maybe you should try to ask if he has a gf or not, or who knows, maybe he could be a it's tooooo "sweet" to be done by a straight..

    3. Owh.... This means I need to investigate. He does have ex's though. Gf i mean. Currently he is single.