Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I had a very good day today. I had fun. I hope in future i can be like that. I hope in future i can contain like that. I hope in future i can be casual like that. I hope it never goes away. I hope it's forever like that. We're happy. We talked. We laugh. We communicate. 

I saw this ad of a chinese series. This girl says. "Liking someone is very painful". I an see why she says so. It really hurts. It's the uncertainty and vast possibilities. There is merely hope to begin with. "Glimpses" of hope always shed lights. The question is that should i even be hoping? Should i continue to keep an open mind and hope for miracles or should i shut it down now for damage control?

Arrghh... How do people really handle these stuff?? It felt like you are entering a war that has no chance of winning at all. It's totally out of your control. 
I guess what i can do now is to take every opportunity there is without hoping that there is a big fat chance. But dont dismiss that there are a slight possibilities in many ways. Life is full of surprises right?? Hahahh.... Now i have to put up a faux smile and continue to live.!!  I feel so defeated... i feel like puking!! :)

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