Monday, March 9, 2015


Lolzz, i'm glad that you still reads my blog CALVIN J. Thank You and i thank the others that still sometimes glance through my blog. 

This is like one of those nights where you feel like you are in a camp. Cause you are feeling cold and you're so near to the nature.  We slept in a room that is separated from the main house. These are like guess rooms. So only both of us are sleeping there.
I think... GAY + NIGHT + GUY + PRIVACY= HORNY. lolzz... I was really just being playful. We slept on separate mattress, but placed side by side. I sneakily moved nearer and nearer to him while sleeping. I know my cousin snores like crazy. It's like an indicator or a noise notice, telling everyone that he fell asleep when you hear him snore. That night he didn't snore and he didn't moved much too. He maintained the same position and didn't moved. So i felt weird. Cause for the past few nights he slept on his side most of the time and snores like a whale with a trumpet. 
We are now sleeping really close to each other. I hope that he will sleep on his side so that i can accidentally position my hand to touch his bulge. He didn't. I dare not touch him cause if he is interested i wanted him to touch me first so that i won't be beaten up if he is straight. Then it struck me. He is not snoring. Does that means that he is also waiting? I got quite impatient and i placed my hand right on his bulge. He didn't move. then i move my hand to search for his penis. Then i felt his head. I squeeze a little. I caress his head with the tip of my fingers. then i feel and search for the edge of his head. I use my nails to caress his edges. Instantly i can feel growth. No sign of acceptance nor objection from him. 
I started to unzip his zipper. I begin to be more daring. As soon as i opened his zipper i opened his buttons and unwrapped his package. I found his semi hard penis. So i slowly pull it out and moving it near my mouth. I smelled his head with the tip of my nose. Moving my nose up and down his head... i then started to lick his head. slowly following his edges. Soft and tender. Lick... lick...lick.... slowly his head swells and his penis became so hard. I didn't do much wild actions cause i know when you are hard the best treatment is to wet the head and caress it slowly with my tongue tip.  Maintain a slow but consistent slow motion torture. I lick and spreads his pre cum around his smiley and head with my tongue. I can feel that his shaft is pulsating. His head shines like a patent knob and his slit is almost gasping for air. As soon as his penis is at its height... I enter it into my mouth. It went all the way in. I took in his entire shaft right till his pubic hair. 
When i did that... he immediately hold my neck and let out a moan. That's when he started to find my penis and play with it. I remember feeling strands of pre cum on my groin when he pulls out my penis. He didn't suck me. He just masturbate and squeeze. Usually i wont stop till the guy cum. i sucked him hard and i rub his wet head against my palm. He was so sensitive. He was so tensed that he squeeze my penis so hard. He didn't stop masturbating me. Because of that tightness i came first. When i came i sucked him even harder. That makes him masturbating me even faster. He didn't stop when i cum. my head became so sensitive... that makes me sucking him even tighter and faster and in return he gets much more excited and pump even more intensely. Making me cum again and he still didn't stop, cause he didn't cum yet. It continues till he cum. I think i came like 4 times and it flew all over like fireworks went out of control. 

Then the next day... we acted as if the whole thing never happened before. 


  1. o m g. I experienced similar encounters before and i think most of the gays do. lol.

    i laugh out so loud when i read the gay + night + guy + privacy = horny! lol ... cos its so true!! hahahahaha

    1. 😊 lolzz... Yeah I guess everyone kinda does experience this at least once before. It's scandalous and damm intriguing.

  2. Ooo... now, this is what I call an interesting and kinky entry post. Hahaha... glad you had fun with him and that he accepted your moves. How old is he? So is he straight?

    1. I think he is 36 or 37, not sure. Aiks!! If i dont know him i would definitely say he is straight. Not even the gay radar could sense it. Actually i still dont really know. lolzz...