Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hey, hi!! How are you guys?? Hope everything is alright with everybody. 
I had a dream the other night. I dreamt that i was considering making VLOGs... hmm... that's something that has been at the back of my head for sometime now. Maybe i should. Then again im worried that my looks may eliminate audiences. 
Then i remembered that the other day while i was giving bj at the toilet. This guy videoed me sucking him. Without my consent. I don't know why i don't care. I almost didn't bother to ask him to stop. but i still did after a while. Just for the sake of stopping. How bout you guys? Do you guys mind being filmed? 
We are getting closer than ever. He sits right beside me now. I'm going to go "chi sin" I want to just lunged over and lick his entire  skin. Smell his forehead, chew his fingers, swallow his cum and kiss and kiss and kiss kiss.kiss kiss kiss him.
This guy is damm cute. So Beautiful. I want nothing but to protect and love him.  I didn't realize that i have been flooding my Instagram with all his picture. Insane. Does that means i'm spying?? Owh.. i think he is making me take lots of picture. That's him sleeping and the one before that it's him sitting at my table. Hahah... it's like i'm being artistic but it's actually me trying to take his picture without him knowing it. hahah...

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