Friday, March 6, 2015


Chinese New Year passed by just like that. I didn't have the most wondrous start, but it's good enough. Happiness with a touch of drama. sigh* & smile. I went back to my old hometown. The last time i was there was like 15 years ago. Met my cousins and uncle. Then i gave one of my cousin a blowjob. Hahahah..... Long story there. I missed that place. Though much has change, I still love the vibe there. It's calm.

Here i am. Now back at work and i spend most of my time struggling. Trying to maintain my stance. I pray that nothing will go very wrong. I did also pray and asked god to grant me a boyfriend. I did visualize my colleague when i made that wish. We are spending a lot of time together now. For work reasons. Don't know why we started Whatsapping each other even though his table is just three feet away.  Usually when we Whatsapp, it's about personal stuff. It's (DAMM) scandalous. I Love it!!! There was once, i was waiting for him to send me home. Suddenly everyone in the office started to play games and he joined in. After a while... he texted me apologizing and prompt me to wait a bit longer. It was damm sweet. I smiled drunkenly and almost teared up cause i never felt such moment before. Such a polite and small gesture actually caught me off guard and warmth my heart.

I wish that  he is gay. Bummer!!! I could cry the whole year and if he is not gay, i just wont get the whole of him. Now my only hope is that i don't screw up our friendship. There were so many times i almost leaned over to smell his forehead. Well... there are boundaries to protect. He is my boss's and editor's  dear elder brother.


  1. You gave your cousin a bvlowjob? Now, that's something I must read about. That's your next post and don't keep us waiting too long though.Hehehe...