Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well it turns out Eric is attached. Well.... I've tried. :) Anyway it doesn't means we couldn't be friends. The other guythat i kinda like too has already stop texting me. All because his beloved ex couldn't stop re-contacting him. I don't understand, his ex complaint that thier 2 year relationship is dull and ask to break up but couldn't stop luring him. What's da point?? He this guy also is kinda a fool. Well can't say a real fool. I admire his loyalty and i understands him emotionally. If i'm him i think i'lll also still put hope in this broken relationship. Well, wish him all the best. So there's no more guys for me to hope anymore. I have to wait again...... Work has been dull. I work with passion but the brand and my brand manager lets me down. I kinda in a very dissapointed zone here. Major dissapointing zone. I feel bored and hesitates to go to work now.

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