Friday, November 6, 2009


I feel like tearing myself up. Tearing my skin and scream as loud as i could and dive into the fire. I feel that i'm beginning to break down. How long should or am i bound to bare with this survival? It's enough already. Well, this is life. Everyone has thier own problem. Not only me who is suffering. I know. I really know that. But enduring it within a good environment and enduring it in a bad environment, makes a different. How much can a amn take? How much should he take? I know it'll never end. Let me settle one prob first okay? I can take severe obstacles. Quantitty outwitted me. When i say i want to cry. I feel corny. Nor i could cry in public or at work place can't i?... now these i learnt to cry within. I guess only people who experienced crying within only could know how pain is it doing so. I don't want to be moody. I don't want to be sad. I'm in pain.pain. So pain. Very pain.It's at times like that i need you Aba. I hope there's a soul that i could talk to.

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  1. I just can say you that cheer up you. You are very young and still you are many good things for knowing and enjoying.
    Ah! Thanks for your visit.
    A strong embrace.