Thursday, November 26, 2009

One Day

"Oh, i just moved back form UK and i'm living at AVE K apartments now. My balcony is actually facing the the two towers (KLCC) so didn't plan to go anywhere during New Year. Gonna sit at my balcony and watch the fireworks." That's what one of my customer told me today. How envious. She's actually a 85 year old lady who came to buy a bag for her daughter's Christmas present. It's just envious that at such an old age she lives stable life and hapilly too. I think every old ppl should be living like that. I hope i could give my parents all that. Well.... one day. One day i will. The day passsed as usual. No particular to shout about but as usaul there is some guys that i could go all GA GA over. Some documents at work reminds me of Bumble Bee. I kinda miss this person, maybe not the loving ones but his presence maybe. Work well gave me some stress. Okay, maybe lots of stress. I hope this would go away fast. is this a mid life crisis??? I maybe too young for it but i think i'm a million years old.


  1. That`s sounds like a good plan for new years eve - maybe with this guy on your balcony with you?
    I also love the visuals of this blog!

  2. thanks. Appreciate your comment man. Cheers

  3. This dude is one of my favorites...his hair...that's it...and the booty....
    I have many favorites, but this one is special.
    nice blog