Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hah.... Hah... ha ha ha........ I should be excited to get to work. I love my job. I guess one has to make one thing happen if it's for the best. Stopped at the toilet at KL Centrall. Right when i came out of one of the booth i see a guy standing at the urinals with a hard on. LOL.... what an unexpected event. Well, just looked at his boner realised he's cut and actually quite long. Ah well..... i just walked away and he must have hated me cause not even giving him enough attention  for exposing himself like that. LOL....... Well, if one could be so daring. Imagine how many guys has "do" him. Yikes!!! not gonna take the risk. It was unexpected that i actually had fun at work today. Kinda think of it, i didn't see any cute guys today too. Except for this guy. Another unexpected event. Well, you know how usually guys stand at the urinals and peek? Sometime ago i encountered with this kinda hot guy at one of the urinals. Well, both of us had 'hard on' and i'm so tempted to touch but never did. Just looked. He well had a sexy dick. Long for his height, Veins that shows his intensity. Pre-cums... too bad i don't dare to touch. Was damm nervous and i actually gets soft. Couldn't concerntrate so i walk off. Months later i found out he's working in the same company with me, but different store. Once in a while we'll accidentally met outside while smoking. As it goes on i learn that he has a girlfriend and he is all damm straight and all. He even introduced me to his girlfriend. So i thhought maybe the last time was a one time horny rush!! hahha..... We never mention about that event before though. Now he seems to like to chat with me. Occasionally come asking me out to smike and he talks a lot to me. ??? First build a barrier with me and now he place a ladder at the wall and reach out to talk to me. How wierd so guys could be sometimes. Anyway i'm glad it's like that now though.


  1. If you were interested but lacked the conviction to do it, then you should have made him suck you instead. Life is a two-way street sometimes. It all depends upon your lifestyle. If you have never swallowed sperm before, then it is best not to start now. That is all decided in your childhood.

  2. Well i think i have turned to a monster. Come to think of ir , It was not very long ago i wrote this blog. :)