Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The other TWO

Now I'm ready to write about the other Two. Let's name him Bumble Bee. "Who is that rich spoiled brat that laugh so loud?" "Who is that Snobbish spoil rich brat?" "Why is this spoil brat always laughing and he laugh so loud?" These are the things i said before i know him. Yes, fortunately we were introduced. He happens to be not rich but rich of laughter. Everywhere he goes everyone will start laughing. He is a charm. He is also the opposite of what i am. He is also everything my opposite. Yet he has everything i wanted. His laugh, the way he eats, the way he sleeps, the way he gets angry, the way he work, the way he nag, the way he whined, the way he is. It all makes my heart smile. A constant smirk appears on my lips when ever he's around. Even when it's the saddest time or even when he's at the angriest. We do have some histories. Not been together but he lived with me a while, with me totally cleared that he is never into me and living together is more like a friend thing and not a couple. When he's at my place he charmed everyone. My sisters loved to hang out with him. Having him around actually makes that one moment a very easy going moment. It has been five years now. We are growing apart. Of course he has to find his Mr right and me of course have to keep myself away cause when he's around I'll stick to him and no one else. One guy that i would do the unthinkable. Great length is nothing if it's for him. I won't complaint if it's for him. Getting snow from Everest is worth it, if it's for him.So for his own good and my welfare i have to contact him lesser. Stay way from him. I came to my senses, that it's best i be far and it's okay. I was wrong. I didn't come to my senses. I feel bizarrely pain. My heart seems to be streaking tearing apart. I thought i could. I miss him. Still now i still didn't go meet him cause i know it won't do both any good. We meet up once in a while though. Just to catch up and complaint. Without me knowing it, i actually planned and do things thinking that i should include him all the time. I guess i missed him terribly. I really missed him.


  1. Tell him you love him and live with whatever his answer is. If it is not meant to be, then move on to someone else. Try to keep him as a friend, just so you can tell him that you still love him.

  2. I think i did what u suggested. He is far away now. I have never seen him since he left.