Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And Then......

So i was watching this show called " so you think you can dance"and then there is "Billy Bell" one cute but not gorgeous looking kid. Someone that you could actually see that you could live your whole life with him. Doesn't looks like he has tantrums. He looks so peaceful. Someone who would brings you joy. Someone who you knows he wants you, "if" he is with you. That heavy stability aura that makes you felt nothing but appreciation. He doesn't even shows that he needs you to protect him. His vulnerability makes you felt safe and just wanna cry and thank god for his existence. I must admit that there are so many guys out there that i "want"  then there are fantasy and reality. He certainly makes me want to spend my whole life, no... i think it's he makes me wanna dedicate my whole life to him. I wish him well and have a peaceful life. 

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