Saturday, March 5, 2011


i just spoke of him and, we went out for a drink yesterday night. Every time we goes out we always spent at least 4 hours chatting. No lesser than that. Again it always started beautifully, and ending up less exciting. :( He likes to interrupt my conversations. It felt really lousy. Sometimes to input his thoughts and sometimes he just made the "topic" his. It felt like he don't care, but he has a way to show otherwise. "He" in my definition is quite hot. He has a very strong "Milo Ventimiglia" feel. A little bit sissier, that i don't like and has a less pleasant eyes. But hey, no body is perfect? It's okay to have some flaws. He talks about his ex yesterday. He compares me with his ex. we sat in his car outside of my house for 2 hours chatting. I do get upset when he is in the calculative mode. It scares me. One of the main reason, i don't want to evolve into a relationship with him. The funny part is, we always shows interest for each other. Sex is no more a fun thing for us but instead it's more to a desired respectful session that we are looking for. Though sitting in the car is way too hot, with his bulge showing all the time. What did he do to his body? it's gets hotter every time i see him. He do cares a lot. When in clubs, he "protects" me and always hold my hand. To make sure i don't get lost. It's sweet, some stuff he does to me. We don't kiss goodbye. You know that awkward but shy moment? I guess what we are feeling are mutual that we are great best friends. We just never brings it to discussion. 

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