Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bit Unnecessary

 Well, like i say, it's a bit unnecessary. If you have been following my blog, you kinda know that i'm not working now due to my medical probs. So i have plenty of time for my self. With the surgeries that i've had. I can't do many stuff too due to my weak eyes. So, i have even more time to my self. Almost everyday i would walk to 7-eleven. This 24 hour convenient store to buy stuff. After sometime i made friends with the staff there. I always  sort of like to see this one guy. He is a foreign worker here/ I think he is from Nepal. Cute. Slim. Clean. Sometimes even gorgeous. Well, i'm not the super friendly kind. Maybe. how are you and thank you is the only words i have spoken to him. I kinda made him one of my excitement of the day, but of course i didn't allow my self to go ga ga over him. But there is one thing i always wanted to know, not because of the sexual reason but more to educational reasons. I always wanted to know, how big generally a Nepal's guy penis is? Hmm.....that might be my goal. Anyway, today when i push open the shop door, then i heard another door slammed' Then i see him standing at the door, trying to go in and then he walk away disappointed. When he saw me he just forced a slight smile and heads to the cashier. Since then, the incident can't get off my mind. I kinda sad of the idea that he is quarreling with his girlfriend. What if the one who slammed the door is a guy? Well, though i never thought of loving this guy, but i don't like this feeling/ it felt like jealousy. Not good. Not good.