Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kick It

If you keep quiet and starts listening. In the silence, play your favorite song., you will starts to see things differently. It's really important one take "that" step. If you want to live your dream? Start to love it. If you worry about your sickness? Start to alter and change your lifestyle. There are so much rubbish in this world. Equally there are as much beautiful things in the world. We cannot just sit and start feeling disgusted of the problems. Register the ugly in your mind. Start smiling. Go towards the beautiful. Our achievement may not matters to others but one victory will make us fly. Imagine when you feel your hair behind your neck rising,  You smile uncontrollably you almost had a seizure. you had tears jamming in your eyes. That is an assurance, you know you did a good job. Look into yourself and tell your self you did a good job. In this cruel world, these stuff keeps us alive. When you fly? infect others and remember, the world is as vulnerable as we are. We too needs the world as much as it needs us. 

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