Thursday, March 10, 2011


So i have to check my eyes today. My sister had an accident, so i have to go to the hospital by my self. Apparently i'm excited about it. Right away i try to plan my journey. This would be the first after some time. Well, sort of..... So it was an adventure for me. Ha ha ha..... then it came all tumbling down. My other sister doesn't allow it. :( I got a bit frustrated but i do understand why she refuses. She loves me too much. So now i still get to go by myself buy one of my sister would come later to escort me back. I just love my sisters. They are great but i hope these don't go overboard by over protecting me. Ah.... i forget where i found the above picture. I must say his body is ridiculously insanely BEAUTIFUL. I almost lick my screen. Aiks!!!!

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