Saturday, August 13, 2011


Almost everyday i will walk to 7E for cigarettes. As a result of that i get to know all of their staff there. One of them is this good looking lad (hahahah....) from Nepal. So u basically know why i am so enthusiast over him. As usual, in these story, the guy must be straight. And he is. He used to study here, some financial crisis so he has to work as he is stuck in Malaysia. Super polite and friendly. Very slim and the way he wears his pants are alluring. Fucking seductive. Beautiful strong jaw line. He has a healthy kind of thin, but at the same time he looks weak and strenghtless. (Aiks,,,blushing) lol..... It's like he is gonna suffocate while having sex. lol... Anyway he looks a lot like the picture above. Really alike. Ahh...his voice. Superb. Another nice moaning voice.
Anyway, basically I'll always be there whenever he is working. So we chat kinda a lot. Recently i didn't see him so much.Couldn't track down his shift and many other reasons. About a month but last two days i see him again. His first reaction when he saw me was.... he laugh....hahhahaha....(like he is expecting me) (che wah....) and then he say hello. I was surprised a little, then we chat as usual. My sessions with him every time won't be more than five minutes. Cause partly i wouldn't want to scare him off. The moment when a straight friend doesn't want to talk to you is a very ugly moment. Every time i get cigarettes  I'll sure give him about half of my pack, cause i am trying to stop smoking too but obviously failed. Because of that we got friendlier too. Anyway, yesterday i went again to get my cigarettes. It was a very loud greetings from him. Of course I'm happy to see him being so excited. Then later when i am pulling out the cigarettes i kinda take out too much but i gave him anyway. He kinda hesitate but i insist, so he kept it. Then i left and as i am trying to quit smoking so i decided to throw every half stick that i smoke. Consequences? Finish after five hours. So i went and buy again. This time, of course he was shocked to see me cause i only will go there once a day and only for cigarettes. His first question was... Finish already? Hey man... you got to control a bit. His face actually shows worry and a little bit anger. Of course at that time i was like ......fireworks inside and seeing fairies swimming around with stars flashing by. I was bloody happy that he worried. Again i always have this thing that I'll melt if any straight guys cared about me. Then later i actually apologize to him and say I'll try my best to control. Hahhah...What is happening??? So weird!! So Weird!! Just now i went again to 7E. With my friend this time but he wasn't there. As i know he already started work at that time .Kinda disappointed and left. After that i came home and i couldn't sleep. (not because thinking of him) so i decided to go 7E again. Again the happy smile and loud greeting at 5.50am in the morning. I really brace myself just now to talk longer to him, as i know at that time there will be no one around. Hmmmm...too hopeful. there is another guy there. Another staff. Were there to deliver magazines. Obviously i can't stay longer. So i do my usual routine and get ready to pay. Chatting along. He apologizes to me suddenly and say he saw me through the CCTV just now  but he didn't come out as he was busy with paper work. I smiled for that sweet gesture and told him it's okay and he doesn't need to do so anyway. Then after that in a mild complain tone he say he is very sleepy. OMG...that face.

I couldn't take it!!!!! But i smiled broadly and in my brain its already flashing back that frame again and again and again. I too got a bit cheeky and reply him with a pity tone and ask him why is it so? Then he replied again in the same tone, that he doesn't know why he couldn't sleep, hence he felt sleepy now/  Aww....... I looked at him and you ever felt the sudden urge to do it? OMG OMG...... I squeezed my fist to calm down and try to make him felt lighter about it By telling him no worries, two more hours he can go home already. So he could rest then. Then he smiled and say he will. then gave me back my change. Aaoooorrrggghhhh.... as you know i have prob with my eyes. So i actually couldn't see if he is starring at me or not... the great gay language. hhhmmmmm......too bad. Then i tell him bye and ask him to rest well later. He responded and i walked out of there. Hmmmm....I always try my best to hold my position when around straight guys. Especially straight guys that i liked. I will avoid the hanky panky and taking advantages and stuff. Cause i think when the straight accept and respect us we should do the same too. BUT WHAT IS THIS?????? He cannot do this to me??? yeah! i know i want it but this is torture. I cannot touch him!!! You don't talk like that to a customer right? I mean a straight Nepal guy. STRAIGHT. You get what i mean? It's always like that... I do respect the straights and i always know my line. Still i tend to attract straights. Not that i am saying it's a bad thing but straights tends to get a bit too comfortable with me some times, without knowing that it's putting me in a difficult position. Well in this case, it's great of course but it's leaving me in the middle of a thin line. Hard-on or Hard-off ? Hmmphh.... Either way i know i cannot take any chances here. I never like it to loose a friend this way.
 I  know this post is long. But i just want to document it down. It's a sweet encounter. 


  1. If he's almost of the one on the pic, then he is hot !

  2. Yeah he is. Look damm alike. But not the height la.