Thursday, August 18, 2011


He wants to watch Alien vs Cowboy. He parked at some housing area opposite Sunway Pyramid. (Doesn't want to pay parking fee). Dark, without streetlight he walked in front of me without guiding me. Not trying to be a baby, but with my eyes condition i cannot see anything on the road. It's really dangerous for me. (some more he say i'm insensitive for saying he is not gentlemen) We walked up the overhead bridge, to cross the highway. Then went up three floors to the cinema. Then he refused to watch the movie because it's priced at RM14. After nearly a KM walk he decided not to watch because it's expensive?? I am totally speechless. I instantly smirked and gave the cashier a "Please ask the cowboy to save me look" He just smiled nervously. Cute. Then i say i felt like going to "Kim Gary" It's been a while since i have been there. Besides i have a friend who is working there.  He wanted  to eat at "Ming Tien" this Chinese stall court nearby. So i just suggested, why not we just walk pass that restaurant and see if there are seats available. If not then we just head to the other place. He answered okay then he went and choose a route that didn't pass by the restaurant then when we reached his wanted destination he turn and  say " oh? we didn't pass by  Kim Gary wor?" I have no other reaction but to smile and say it's fine. In fact i am actually really smiling and felt funny cause He and I knows the route at Sunway Pyramid like eating peanuts. Me not coming out for a year doesn't mean i forget everything. So i'm thinking no big deal, finish eating we could just have a drink at Kim Gary. Then that's what he suggested too. After eating we actually walked pass Kim Gary. I walked towards the entrance and then he pulled  my hand and say we are not going in. I have a show to catch on tv. After that around 2 am we went out for drinks near my place. He ate and drink. Me just drink. The bill was Rm12. I intended to treat my friend because after all he took me out  today.  When i found my wallet i ask again how much was it? My friend answered.."Oh you just pay Rm10 can already"  Again i smiled and speechless!!!                                                                       These are not very pleasant attitude to treat anyone. He is my best friend. It's never about the money. I don't know how to tell him.  He is not a bad person, and he is not a poor guy in fact he is quite rich.  Hard self earn money and not rich by family. Well educated, very presentable. I think he is becoming a very typical successful materialistic self obsessed white collar guy. Total misery. I'm worried actually. 


  1. no liking that kind of attitude he is showing...


  2. Hmmm.... me too. I wish i could tell him str8 to his face.

  3. if he is a close n best fren, i'll tell him how i feel lorr..
    and if he choose to maintain his style , then i also can choose to stay away lo :)

  4. He is the only one friend who accompanied me for the past year when i'm sick.That's why i'm contemplating. I know if i tell him he will accept but he will also practice his rights to not to listen. KIV. Ish.....