Saturday, August 20, 2011

I... ik...i...i.....ik....

What did i just did??? My friend that i have been blogging about. We knew each other for nearly ten years.We always chat like girlfriends. Yeah we had sex once or twice. That was years ago. We explore the porns together. We talk almost about everything. He even could undress around me or even wears only his underwear when we hangs out together in his room. He shows me his nude pictures too.
Then just now we went out for dinner. When we we are in his car i saw his bulge. (Not intentionally) not huge but he was wearing his work pants so it was kinda showing. Out of a sudden i thought, how would it feels like if i grab it. Boldly i did. He reacted like i was gonna rape him. I was super shock with his big reaction.I really thought he wouldn't mind. I for sure wouldn't, don't think i'll have a hard on too if he does. Leave that aside i seriously thinks that he wouldn't mind since he was so open all these while.Then came the awkward moment. It was seriously an honest mistake, Now i feel damm ugly. Ishh....
I then text to him apologizing and explain. He replied. "You quit smoking i will let you touch"  now i feel stupid for explaining. Did i use language from Mars? 


  1. Of course i will quit smoking but i don't think touching him is my "motivation" factor. Like i'm noy interested at all. You know what i mean?

  2. Aiks...just saw a typo on the earlier comment. Shoulb be "then"...

  3. awkward......
    but u oso quite daring horr? ;p
    can pls pass my msg to him?
    " i dun smoke, can i touch? " lol ;p

  4. Hahahh... you really want to touch? Go MP later. Might be going there.

  5. Oh. anyway it's like how some str8 girls are not embarrassed to strip in front of us? You get what i mean? It doesn't suppose to mean anything.