Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I vomited yesterday because i accidentally swallowed a chewing gum. So the pressure from the process kinda makes my eyes swell a bit. So i was super worried and rushed to the hospital to check it up. Tun Hussien Onn hospital. Kinda a nice place though there are some people that are rude at times but hey, nurses have temper too sometimes. I think they are short of male nurses though. Hahahah..... Anyway was very worried and moody. Couldn't smile a lot while waiting for my turn then suddenly this male doctor called me. Dr.Lim. My favorite doctor. He is not exactly good looking, but somehow I am gaga over him. Someone to fond and savor. I think that he is bloody sexy. Lol.... It's the way that he is built i guess... slim (my fetish) Long fingers that awkwardly moves.Very proper. Kinda nerdy. His luxury skin tone and his voice is ..arrghhhh....temptation!!! I think i mentally sexed him many times already!! So i was shocked and trembling. My heart skips a beat and increasing speed while walking towards him. He greeted me and ask how am i. (we know each other) So we talked like buddies. I told him my worries and he started checking me. When he is touching my face (checking my eyes) i was blushing already. It felt so intense!!!  Hot!! Hott!!  I think i can feel my pre cum started flowing out already. lol..... We were chatting away and after he is done he asked me "Is there anything else" I wanted to prolong my time with him and in that sudden moment i blurted i have questions about sex!! OMG!! i was bloody shocked at that time that i blurted "sex"!!! My face should be red at that time!!! Well, actually it is something i kinda wanna check out all this while but i didn't expect to he is the one. Apparently i was told that with my condition, sex is quite a dangerous thing to do and being a gay, sex is more wonderfully vast. Usually too my sis are together in the room when docs check me. I have not have such opportunity before too. So i immediately super boost my brain to come up with question of that subject. I blurted blowjob. (another embarrassing moment) then followed by "no...... what if i gives....... blow...job? errr.....i was super super blushed!!! I think at that moment!! .... i wished there was fire so i can run out of there. I think he saw my hands trembling and thank god he is cool enough to answer me casually. Pheww..... He uses the term "BJ" and he doesn't seem to be afraid of gays. Me i mean. I can see him slying all the way after that. Then after him i still have to wait outside so that my usual doc could check me once again. When i was in the other room, he came in and still smiling chatted with me a little. So i got quite comfortable and i asked him. "So what will you specialized in?" (he is an assistant, still in training) He answered. " Eyes...this is an eye hospital isn't it?" in a friendly mocking tone. Is that flirting??? Well most probably;y me hoping too much... Over all today because of him, my day started as a scarry day and  it became a sweet sweet day for me!!  Hmmm.... why don't i get guys like that?
I know the picture is a bit obscene but it shows what i want to do to him..*nuts*


  1. Someone's got an eye for men-in-uniform...particular in white robes.

    Ooo.. sacredly kinky !

  2. Ha ha.... maybe that plays a role as well... I think ultimately it's his voice that got me gaga. Hmmm i wonder how he moans.... lol.....aiks!!

  3. It's about time, off to dreamland you go...


  4. Well in medicine you're not supposed to villify homosexuality :) So I am sure the doctor is fine with it.

  5. Yeah!! that was cool and he seems to be okay with me. I truly appreciate that.