Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What do you think of when you are doing nothing? I tends to find stuff to do. Hahahah.... well sometimes. Most of the time i laze around. Drinking coffee is a must though. I wouldn't feel like i am resting if i don't have coffee by my side. 

Then of course when you are feeling all at ease, the devil comes in to be our imaginary "masseur". Though i know many of you get "Live" ones. :)

So just when you feel like you are contented and have done so much and then you bump into these pictures below? You just rather not feel anything at all. 
These things are made entirely out of paper.  They are called Paper Sculpture. Where did these people come from?? Where is it gonna stop? Everything is getting extraordinary now. Just when you feel that you have done the max and reach the impossibles? Then when you see these stuff? You totally feel like you're nothing compared to that. I felt almost embarrassed. Such a mockery to my entire being. It just makes me wonders that "what have i been doing all my life?" I should Intensified my life's productivity. Waste no more time and be modest. Really really modest. 

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