Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was chatty after drinking these days. I mean usually after drinking it's either i sleep or i become a devil. Just these days i seem to talk instead of doing the usual. Hmmm.... The last time i was quite emo. Then yesterday it happen again. I seem to talk with tears coming out at wrong que's and my story doesn't make sense. Hahahah... it seems that i Begin the story and skip to the middle and suddenly it's the end. lolzzz....... Thank god i didn't do this in public. I was at home with a friend but it's still embarrassing nevertheless. She's back from Singapore but she's back there again today. 
I was talking about Bumble Bee though. Never knew i missed him so much. I think he is not coming back for CNY next year. Then Refflesia try to contact me again via text. I didn't reply, cause i genuinely felt happier without his presence in my life. 

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