Thursday, October 10, 2013


For the first time in my life, the matter "Food" is on par with the matter "Sex". It's all caused by my medication. A medication hazard!! I eat non stop and "now these", sex can wait but that chicken can't!!  Damm alarming.  
I have gained 7kg's in a month!! Is that even possible?? How on earth am i gonna shave all that kgs off??  I have been feeling like a sloth. A very very hungry sloth. 

I am so lazy to move but i know i have to do it. So everyday i do gardening. Twice. Then mentally does sit ups plus treadmill for so many many times. hahah.... lolzz.... okay OKAY.. have to stop joking!! 
Serious;y!! i really need to shave it off. Serious;y!! 

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