Saturday, October 19, 2013

Custom or needed to be customized?

Is it a custom in your home to wait for everyone to have a meal at the same time? I thought i do but apparently it's not a custom anymore. Actually i wanna let this go but it really kinda bothers me. Everyday i have 4 other person around me but i am having lunch dinner all by myself. Cold Cold meals!!
So only special occasion it is being practice. I always thought that these practice are really warm and respectful. I love the moment where you can update and laugh with everyone and it's a beautiful moment captured in time.
I personally love to entertain my guest in my dining room. It just seems pleasantly intimate. Actually it's just convenient. Never a dull moment. Don't feel like talking? you start eating. Nobody is talking? You pull out the wine. Talk too much? You cut a watermelon in gag size. Raise your glass for a toast if the conversation gets ugly. Angry? You wake up and wash the dishes. lolzz......
I always have thought that this is a no brainer custom that stuck in the Chinese world. So apparently i am an ancient.