Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I went out to meet up with some friends.  Went to a pub and chat all the way. My expectations were a bit too high. They didn't turn out to be as pleasant as before. Like Last time, I meant. Sometimes I wonder, is it me who didn't grow or it's them who has become like uncle. Talks crap. Drank and drunk. (Not me of course) So I sneak my way out of there. Well, not really sneak, just didn't officially say goodbye. Can't seem to get a cab at the late hours. Even after I called there is no cab. Walk to the petrol station across the street to get water and use their toilet. Light a cigaret on my way in. Went straight to the urinals at the end of the toilet. There is a guy peeing in one of the cubicle. I peed. Which is a long pee. Since there are no cab I hang out at the sink to finish my cigaret. When I walk out, I saw the guy is still there. It's weird. I look closely, he is sleeping.!!! He is obviously drunk. So I tap his shoulder and call him. He moved a bit in slow motion and turn back to respond.  He looked at me, Not a word and he turned back and continue sleeping. .??? He is super drunk. I shake his shoulder harder this time. He has no movement at all this time. I thought he should at least be sitting down and had that door close if he is gonna be sleeping there. I called him a few more times and it's the same. No respond. So I moved in and thought to sit him down and then I could leave, but I couldn't. His penis is out and hard!!! 
Lolzzzzz....... It was interesting, but I don't know if he is gay or straight. I have to put in his penis in any way if I'm gonna leave him there. It was super hard and I can't even bent it to enter it in his small little zipper hole. So while I was graciously handling his penis, he moved his hand and push my head down. Does he wants me to suck it? At that time, I take it as a yes. Ha ha ha ....... I washed his penis. Pulling his tight skin back to wash his head, makes him moans. He is so damm horny. So first round done. He wants me to jerk him off again after two seconds. It's my pleasure anyway. So I did round two. After that I settled him down. After I help him sit on the toilet bowl i went out.
I took another cigaret out there to calm myself down. While I was smoking, he came out. He looked at me stand at my side. He grab by bulge and then tells me that he wants to cum. I was shocked. I told him, he has cum twice. He stare at me for a while, and then walked off. Ha ha ha...... So that's what happened. 


  1. Not sure he was really drunk or a strategy to get fun...hahaha

    1. not bad... good strategy. lolzz....I am sure he is drunk. Just don't know how drunk he was. hahaha....