Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thought, Think & Think

 Been worrying about getting Old recently. Not worry about the age but it's more  about the quality of my life while getting OLD. So of course i am determined to age gracefully and with exquisite quality. To achieve that? I Need to Execute a Massive maintenance Operation. 
Cekik Darah!! From my Flora till my Fauna. 
i.e, hair, skin, body mind and soul. 
well... those are the basics. Have to feel beautiful in order to thrive within this world isn't it??
 Then recently something got into me. I begin to like beards & Goth Ninjas. Wonder how am i gonna synchronize that with patinas. lolzz..... 
I even consider marrying Cyrus!!!
Anyway her spills of confidence does turns me on. Ahemm... it's ......Spiritually not sexually. 


  1. Yea, sometime I have that kind of emo feeling too.


    1. Yeah... it's about that unknown fact that "how" you gonna be in 50 years time.

    2. anyway! no worries i'll still be around to cheeer you up!! okay?? !! lolzz......