Sunday, December 13, 2009

After Party

It turn out wierd. Was told that i'm going to a rich guy's home but he turn out to be a junkie rich boy. Dirty place. Dark and felt sweaty. All his friens college mate there takes weed and smokes non stop, drink non stop too. Everyone is already high when we got there. Some cute ones are already too drunk to even walk properly. Except the guy i'm suppose to meet is still sane. He doesn't drink, don't take weed, he only smokes. So we met. Young fresh guy. Still a child in many ways but his Tarrot reading were freakingly accurate. So we chatted and chatted and had not a bad time there. We ende up chatting in the bathroom. Cause it was too smoky out there. While walking in i saw some lads already crashed and sleeping and of course i scanned. LoL.... one of the guy his zipper is open. How hot is that!! All the beers are actually stored in the bathroom bathtub. With ice and everything. So actually the bathroom is also quite a busy place. Only not smoky. These guys even just go in and peed in front of us. I think i can't keep my mouth close. Too bad the urinal is in front of us and thier buts are facing us when they pee. Can't see anything just imaginations. That's torture allright!! Ater several hours we went out again into the living room. So i sat on the couch and this bloody cute guy just throw himself on the couch and with his head on the other end and where i sit is actually where his groin is!!! Get some opportunity to grab a well full package but can't do anything much cause so many ppl there and that guy i was introduced to also were around. Well, we continue drinking and all and they started this "liquor SHOTS" game. It get even crazier! Then there is this African guy suddenly ask me straight out in the cold that am i a gay? So i just answered yes. Then he says he has no problem with it and all. Everyone has rights and it goes on for like half an hour then suddenly he wokes up and screamed. He screamed "all gays should be put into a gas chamber and kill them all!!! like Hitler"" Then i was like all shocked and even everyone around are showing the same reaction as me. After the all okay talk and he says stuff like that? See what "high" ppl do!! Then after a while when everyone is back at what they do he came to me and ask me for a blowjob. My eyes nearly popped out!! Like i would give him one!! I want to just slice his dick off. I rejected and lucky his friend wanted to leave and he can't bug me anymore. Later i went in to get more beers and i see one of the guy who is sleeping actually spreaded his leg even wider than before. Such a wonderfull sight of an unskinned banana. This night turned out to be a brilliant night. DIRTY in so many ways and even more dirtier when the sex vibe is so strong lingering around., and i get to know a nice guy!!

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