Monday, December 28, 2009

Great stuff

Today isn't a bad day after all. So many great looking guys are walking around today. It's like a "Cute Guys day" Most of them are europeans and foreigners. It's great when you see some who are so casually cute and flirtyatious. A few guys actually stared at me and smiled. Mann.... too bad i'm a shy person. I don't dare to initiate anything. There is even a guy who i saw while on my way home just now, he actually gave me a shy look and scratch his bulge. Damm... it was hot cause he (i guess) is not wearing underwear. I guess so cause i can see it bouncing exceptionally. Oh god..... such temptations..... Other than that...(i think i'm hard now) i actually called up one of the boutique that i have passed my resume last week. Spoke to the manager and she says she didn't recieve any resume. No wonder she interviewed another guy last week. Then she actually ask for an immediate interview. Good thing i called :) When i went for the interview she is actually busy with some customers and she appologise and ask me to come back tomorrow instead. Well happy enough i have an appointment for the interview. ahhhaaa....... fingers crossed. Wish me all the luck guys.

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