Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What A Day

What a day. Remember me saying that i should fly, yesterday? Well, i had a dream that i really fly. And in that dream i'm actually helping a girl all the way. Does that means that i will succeed but i actually help kids in future? Well, if so, i will sure damm do it. It's a promise. :) Work was well smooth today. Getting to feel eased today at work. not stressed and not tensed well mild. Hahahaha.... then on my way back got to take a piss and went to the toilet. At the urinals and of course there is other guys. This guy besides me are well clean and well dressed sudddenly showing sign that he's looking. Hmmm...... don't get this often but i got excited when he looks so well groomed. He was looking and i actually got too excited and couldn't get hard. I can see he is. So i dared myself to touch him when there is no one around. What a stiff... i can feel it throbbing. He is damm horny but it's dry. i couldn't move much (my hands) there is so much frictions. So i spit on my finger tip and start to circle my finger under his swallen head. Immediately i see pre cum flowing out. It's so much that i could lubricate his whole dick. It looks so juicy and shiny(hehhehe) with his boyish surfer look and his perfume i would like to gag him down and already mentally rappped him. When i wrap my hands around his swallen head and squeeze a little he couldn't stand it.  He actaully grapped my arm so hard and he came. It's was like he is peeing. It really is a lot. The intensity that he roarred out. I guessed he must be well lonely for some time and he got that the animal instinct thingy goin on.... I almost unload in my pants just looking at him. It was a shame that he came so fast. Hmm.... it turn out leaving more memories than the long winding sex before. What a power.


  1. It seems you are a klutz when it comes to sex. He was waiting for someone to suck him, not to jerk him off. He was so hot because he played with himself so the act would be over in a couple of seconds. It's called "toilet sex" - to be done as fast as possible before someone else walks in. Two Horns, you should give up sucking and stay with only fucking. Sucking is for a different breed of man - someone who can put-up with a lot of frustration and absurd realities. It's not for you because you jerk yourself off anyway. Jerking off means that you are not psychologically ready for the sucking scene. It's not for you unless you respect yourself and your penis (no jerking off). Sex is meant to be shared with another person, not with yourself only.

  2. Hmmm JB, you are very knowledgeable. I hope there are people that i could share with. And i don't understand about the: sucking" thing. Does it means it gets wilder than "just" that?