Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jay Brannan

Downloaded a movie and then to found out that the cutest treasure is not the main actors. This guy, later i found out that he's Jay Brannan. In the movie i watched nothing else but him. His smiles that kills and that smirk that he has. Arrghh...... the way his lips purge and it's just the sexiest lips of all. His smiles.... makes me go nuts. I later realise my self smiling looking at his pictures(movie stills) He even has the kind of laugh that i'll go gaga over. It sounded so cute annd calming. You know laughs that tickles you? He even sings. Very talented. I'm sorry i just found him. never thought one could actually leave such an impression after just a while of Jay Brannan's exposure... :) THEN i found out more about him.

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