Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucky but it stops there.

Got hungry. Took a detour and went to a Mc Donalds quite far from my home. Saw this guy there, cute in his suit. Very slick and gentleman all painted all over him. Grr... such guys is always out of my league. So grab my food and suddenly he stands beside me. He stands beside me when i was peeing in the toilet. I felt the shrugs and the nervous vibration took over me. He's so tall. He's got hairs that i want to smell and bite his clean neck. after peeing when he flush the urinals i took a quick peek. It was beautiful. A sight that i won't forget for some time. Then he didn't move as i was expecting. He stayed and actually was peeking at me. I got another cold vibration and got me really hott!! Then i realises his penis is like double of my size. Cut and heavily veined. He got me real hard. I want to touch it. I want to really savour it. Then i realise he is even more nervours than me. He is kinda shaking and breathing hard. Suddenly another guy came and stand beside him. That guy is more daring he actually stick his head out and look for his dick. Didn't know that toilet is actually a cruising place. That guy ends it all. We kept and moved away. When we walked out the door we actually went separate ways. I pray we'll walk the same direction. Then i got this urge to actually go talk to him. So i did. He was damm nervous still. Cute responds when he reacted to my approach. We took a smoke and chat for a while. Then i found out he's a bottom. Not so great for me as i'm more to a versatile top top but i really prefer not to anal at all. Then we have this conversation about his huge member, and mine is kinda small compared ti his and all. He did interrupt me and ask me to not speak like that and he likes my penis. "really". We chatted for quite a while and i'm so tempted to invite him to my house. Well, then later we took our leave. Not to my house but back to each other home. We did not have sex. It was a shame and i regret i didn't insist. I regret cause it's a mistake. I should have pursue this. While walking apart, he turn back and called me. Then he says "Hey, don't worry alright? You do have a nice penis." in a stutter way and that makes me felt sweet. Then he smiled. That was the wierdest, shortest and fastest encounter i ever had. Yet it's the most memorable, sweetest and mind blasting event. I then just say "are you sure with a smirk and say thanks" and "drive safely" He turned back and walk away. I regret i didn't get his number. How can i actually meet him again? This is really lucky but it does stops there. It'strue when ppl say "fate will only brings you there. the rest is up to you to make it happen" Now i regret even more.........


  1. You should always carry business cards with your name, address, and phone number printed on them. Give them to people you want to see again, and you can write short notes on them also. And, Two Horns, bottoms are usually the kindest people you can meet, but sex is not the most important thing in the world. Forget about it. It's more important to work at something you love to do.

  2. hahah/.... I have learnt that lesson. I actually did carry name cards with me after that. Well did pass it to this guy in a train , only i did it 3 weeks after that with two cups of cup noodles as a gift. LOL....