Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walking on thin line...

I..... actually i really want to talk about some stuff but i just read about Jay Brannan on facebook and I've also read his blog. Since the day he started his blog till today he seems to be repeatedly mentioning that he is lonely. I'm really disturbed by that. It's really weird... how i felt now. I actually felt sad and heartache that he kept feeling so and i do felt so because i know how it feels. You could be all party animal and all but it still doesn't mean that you are not lonely. It's just a very ironic thing. Hmmm... Jay is a guy that i really look up to. Someone who how i would portray my guy to be. Jay do have some attitude. The guys i like always have some funny air.. I love how his lips curved. It's even more sexier when he smiles. I love it when he talks like a baby and when he speaks with his laughs... the way his voice giggles. It's really charming. I always smile silly when i hear him talks like that. When he does that his eyes too would close smaller, making him looking all too adorable. lol.... it's so crazy how one could love someone so much, whats worst.... never met before. It's also so weird that i see him like he is my desired guy when i know so well he is out of my league. I wish him well and i would be always watching from far here.

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  1. Some people get confused...being alone is not the same as being lonely...why is it that when we say we are lonely, we are just crying for attention. If we could just separate that "me, me, me" attitude and realize that if you are alone there are many things you can read a good book, watch a good movie...and if you are alone too often, ask yourself if it isn't you who causes it because people want to avoid you?
    I think about that often.
    thanks again for following my blog.