Thursday, December 17, 2009

I did it anyway

Ready to fight
Was about to do it...... Got stopped by everyone but one. I was about to hand in my resignation letter. Then this say no and that say no but i guess once in a while they met you and they think they know you? Whats best for you? Maybe they are but what i've wanted? What about what i've wanted? Well, i did it anyway. I interviewed and told my manager i'm leaving. Why am i not feeling the best? But i do feel a whole lot better. Now i have a choice to transfer or just quit. Then the company i'm trying to get into are actually my ex  company. Then i got  ppl telling me that what am i thinking?? My ex-colleagues are trying to leave and i am trying to get in?? Well, i guess it matters of what i think and what i planned. I am going ahead with that. Lets just see if my plans worked. Jay Brannan some how appear as a life saver. I know he wouldn't like it if he's reading this. Well, Jay too bad youre my inspiration for standing up and going independant. I read Jay's blogs from 2007 till recent in two days. Such a journey. It's wierd when you actually can see how ppl's life change in two days that actually equals two years....almost 3 years. I am gonna be as good as i could and be prepared to fight till the end. My life of loneliness and possible great possibilities are gonna be greatt!!

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