Thursday, January 21, 2010

In The Mids

In the mids of all these chaos i have something else going on without me noticing it much. Just like the matter it self, i'm not really noticing it much. There is this guy. Totally my type. Yes i'm happy and all. He even shows interest in me. It's like OMG!! Something kept me from crossing the line and i'm actually backing out. Why? With all the sweet and interest he shows to me but with a snap, it will all gone and transported to his ex. If his ex calls or needed him. Well i understands he still loves his ex and can't let go. (he just broke up like 4 months ago) It's a 3 year relationship. His ex is the one who wants to break up with him. His ex is the one who still contacts him. His ex buys him gifts now. His ex bought a cat for him. His cat's name is the name of the brand his ex is working in. His ex celebrates his birthday for him. His ex drives him to work and back from work. Well, i know he doesn't like the idea of this cause he is trying to get away from his ex. Because he knows it's not healthy. Some how i don't feel right. His ex is driving me away. Not that his ex knows that i'm into him, or he's contacting me. Well, it all actually somehow making me loose interest in him. He recently contacted me again after me backing out for a month. I think i actually lost at least 40% of my interest in him. Well, i know.... i know.... why bother? The reason? It's because i'm 28 going on 29 this year. My longest relationship is 1 month and never had anyone really shows that much interest in me like him. Someone who likes me doesn't just come by for me. It's a rare and a blue lobster for me. Even now me typing this i don't really feel a thing. It's just plain. I just feel like talking bout it. .

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